Time 360 - Drag and drop Calendar

Drag-and-drop Online Scheduling Calendar

Welcome back to our blog. In our last post we introduced Time 360 and discussed the many ways it can help make your life easier. Today we are going to demonstrate the simplicity of the Time 360 calendar.

Scheduling is traditionally done using spreadsheets, a notepad, or on a paper calendar. The old way is cumbersome, time consuming, and error-prone. Time 360's developers took old, slow, and wrong and turned them into new, fast, and accurate.

Time 360 uses a drag-and-drop calendar. Simply invite resources (nurses, front desk staff, hospitalists, radiologists, emergency room nurses, etc.) by entering their name and email address. Immediately after clicking the invite button, the resource is available for scheduling. To reschedule a resource you drag her name from the left side of the screen over to the calendar. Adjust the hours as needed and you are done...

The screenshot above shows two resources scheduled for two shifts. I created the resources, altered the shift hours, and published the changes in 34 seconds!

Suppose I needed to adjust Sheila's nursing shift. I could simply drag-and-drop it to another day and save the changes. Simple, efficient, and accurate.

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