Physician Struggles with Scheduling

I know of a physician who manages staffing for a hospitalist program. He works with fifteen physicians in the program and schedules three months at a time. Physicians are professionals and do not like to be told when they are on the schedule, instead they prefer to participate in the process. 

Studies have shown that providing a choice in scheduling shifts greatly improves the morale of the employees. 

He catches them in the hallway or in break rooms. He always has a crinkled, hand written calendar in his hand. The other doctors know he is trying to finalize the schedule, but they don't want to volunteer. They avoid him, change the subject, tell him they will get back to him after they confirm their plans.

The deadline to turn in the schedule was yesterday and the ER Director is calling him. You can see his frustration growing because he still doesn't have next weekend filled. "Why can't they tell me when they want to work? We all have to work when we don't want to sometimes."

Friday is a holiday and no one will commit to covering the shifts. He had plans to take a trip with his family and he's already had the last three weekends. Reluctantly and with no other choice, he pencils his name next to Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  

The ER Director needs that schedule. He makes a copy and leaves it at the ER Check-in desk. He spent the last three weeks hunting people down and getting them to commit, someone else can type it up.

You may think the struggle is over for this quarter but, schedules are not static. People request changes everyday. The person who said they would take 11th has a change in plans and needs someone to take his shift. He says he will trade with anyone.

"Whose working the 12th? We have to call the ER since my paper copy might have changed."

Does this sound familiar?

Why is scheduling staff for shifts they are contracted to perform so difficult? 

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