Welcome to Time360App - An online scheduling tool designed by health information professionals.

Time 360 is an online application developed by Cochran Platt Solutions, LLC. Cochran Platt Solutions, LLC was founded by Jason Cochran and Ryan Platt. Jason and Ryan are Information Technology leaders holding MBA degrees. They are passionate about developing innovative technology solutions that solve challenging business problems.

Cochran Platt Solutions, LLC's most recent innovation is Time 360 - a revolutionary new way to schedule medical resources such as nurses, PRN staff, hospitalists, radiologists, and front desk staff. Offering a simple drag-and-drop calendar, complex schedules can be created in seconds.

Most hospitals and clinics struggle with scheduling staff and on-call coverage, but that is only half the battle. Keeping everyone informed of schedule changes and reporting to accounting is time consuming and error prone.

Time360 streamlines and automates the process by offering a clean, intuitive app that takes the burden off your managers and schedulers.

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In our next post we will discuss some of the features of Time 360.

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