Government Regulation of Work Schedules?

According to this proposed bill, Congress may require employers to provide more "predictable and stable schedules for employees in certain growing low-wage occupations, and for other purposes". Congress has dubbed the bill the "Schedules That Work Act" and it is designed to improve the lives of working family and provide more flexibility and protection to employees.

Some provisions that employers should note include:

  • A requirement that employers provide schedules to workers in advance and pay extra for short-notice changes
  • Require shift-pay or call-in pay(specifically for employees who have to call in to find out if they are on the schedule)
  • Reporting pay - employees who report to work but are sent home will be granted a minimum number of hours as compensation for their time

Why is scheduling the topic of a Congressional Bill? Why are America's leaders spending valuable time discussing shift workers? Congress feels that employees are entitled to better protection from employer retaliation, more flexibility in adjusting schedules due to unforeseen issues in life (including family care, education, job training, second jobs), and compensation for working non-standard shifts.

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