Alleged Unethical Nurse Scheduling, Paper Waiting Lists Investigated at VA Clinic

Per a story in the Montgomery Advertiser, the Central Alabama VA was recently audited by the US Dept. of Veteran's Affairs. The audit was conducted, in part, to investigate the possible use of "paper waiting lists". Records were maintained in an electronic system; however, some reports indicated the use of "paper waiting lists" as a means of manipulating the response times. Response times that appeared more impressive were supposedly entered into the electronic system while the real lists were maintained on paper. Leadership reported that no paper lists were in use during their reviews. "A shortage of providers" was cited as the reason for extended waiting lists.

The VA system is under heightened scrutiny as this point time; however, any medical system could face similar challenges. With the increased pressure to produce greater outcomes with limited staff, any health care organization could be faced with the same dilemma.

How does your healthcare organization manage its limited resources to ensure optimal patient outcomes?
Are you able to effectively track your nursing and physician resources? Do you know if schedules are being worked? Can you schedule the right resource at the right time?

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