Nurse Stress Levels Exceedingly High -'s blog ( cites survey results that report nurses working long shifts and facing unrealistic workloads and a lack of sleep. These factors are contributing to high than expected levels of stress in those who are tasked with caring for others.

As management teams focus on profit maximization, staff members offer face longer hours, fewer days off, and overtime shifts resulting in less rest and higher stress. As stress levels increase quality of care will suffer. How do we react? How do we work together to improve health care and lower the stress levels of nurses?

One way to improve morale and normalize schedules is by using a quality nurse scheduling tool. Time 360 is a nurse scheduling tool that makes scheduling as easy as dropping nurses' names onto a calendar. Schedule managers can tell at a glance which nurse is scheduled for a shift. Alerts can be set to ensure overtime hours are not scheduled.

Not only are complex schedules easily created by managers, but nurses can participate in the scheduling process. Open shifts are published and nurses can claim them using PCs, tablets, or mobile phones. By participating in scheduling, nurses can reduce stress levels by choosing shifts that they prefer.

Are you doing everything you can to ensure your health care team is healthy and productive? Time 360 offers a free trial of its nurse schedule maker. Try it today,

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